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Music Box

Because I often use music as inspiration, I'm going to post a list of songs, updated often, that I find inspiring (and the reasons why). Please do post with other songs that you find inspiring!

Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria - This seems to describe a dark and strange relationship, twisted and writhing between the singer and who the song is about.

Love Song by Sara Bareilles - Here the singer will not salve the insecurities of their significant other.

Fresh Blood by Eels - The singer is searching for something brand new. And there's howling!

The entire album Unearthed by E.S. Posthumus - This whole album is like the soundtrack to a fantasy or sci-fi movie that never actually existed. And because I don't mentally attach any particular scenes or actors to the music, I've free to imagine whoever I want in the scenes in my head.

9 Crimes by Damien Rice - This seems to speak of betrayal, at least emotional, in a relationship.

La Grippe by The Squirrel Nut Zippers - When I listen to this song, I see some wacky, smoke-filled speakeasy, and wacky hijinks going on. Wacky!

(Small start, but we will be expanding!)