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Ok, so after a month, I’m the only one that’s posting and I must either concede defeat for this community or do something completely different.

After conferring with the other half of my fic brain (the ever-wonderful brighteyed_jill), I've decided to do something completely different.

Saying, "Write anything you want!" sometimes makes the brain stall. I like a little structure to get me going. Sometimes I work better within restrictions, because it gives me a jumping-off point to start from. Hence why I write fanfiction. I'm guessing you fine people feel much the same. So, to make things more structured, and to give people a goal to work towards, I present... A Table! To take advantage of the upcoming Halloween, let us make this table a Spooky one.

Halloween Inspiration Table
One of the Seven Major Chakras A tiny ghost A song A quote
A weapon A location A color A tiny ghost

When you're cognitating about what song might fit, or what color to use, or what location might suit, think spooky. Think graveyards and ghouls, mysteries and death, moonless or moon-filled nights, hauntings and ghosts.

For more on the Chakras, go here: Seven Major Chakras.
Here are the tiny ghosts: tiny ghosts
For songs, I'm starting a list of some inspiring songs here: Music Box. But feel free to use whatever you like!
I found a place with lots of quotes: WiseOldSayings.com
For weapons, think both the obvious and the subtle: Swords, guns, words, powers, etc.
A location could be major landmark, (Angel Falls, Mt. Everest, Ularu, Grand Canyon, Pyramids of Giza, Amazon River, etc.) or something more general (cemetary, school, car, church).
Yes, I know there are two tiny ghosts on the table. 'Cause the tiny ghosts kick ass.

Complete this table by creating eight different somethings (one thing centered around each item on the list), post your fics (or other creative offerings) here and anywhere else you desire, and be pleased that you've hopefully fired up your muse! The talented and generous ashedrake has volunteered her artistic talents to making banners, so there should be something shiny and bright for those that complete the table. Best of luck to you all!


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Oct. 5th, 2009 02:14 pm (UTC)
Okay I wanted you to know I'm working on something now. It might be a horrible sort of something but I'm going for it. :-)

And it will be spooky. <3
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Nov. 12th, 2009 03:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Revelations
You are awesome. And for completing the table, you get a shiny banner, created from one of the tiny ghosts by the talented and lovely ashdrake:

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