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Heroes Tiny Ghosts

Creep Up On Your Muse

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Writing Heroes fanfiction and other stories inspired by various websites.
This community is for those Heroes writers and writers in general that need an extra push when it comes to inspiration for their stories, whatever genre you choose. For the first line of inspiration, head on over to tiny ghosts and check out their archive. Each story is two sentences long and has accompanying pictures. They range from the dark to the humorous, the thoughtful to the bizarre, and provide a hundred different jumping-off points for your fiction. Just as a warning though, many of these run hard to the dark side of the spectrum.

Does this one inspire you to write some Sylar/Mohinder, Sylar/Peter, or even Nathan/Heidi fic?
Or does this one make you think of Sylar/Luke, Peter/Adam, or something even more sinister?
What could this one mean for those apocalyptic futures Heroes keeps showing us?
Doesn't this one remind you of Future!Peter, or Adam Monroe?

There are hundreds of other tiny ghosts, and each could inspire hundreds of their own stories. Look at them. Use one as inspiration. And then post it here so we can see it!

If you have another website that offers great inspiration in terms of words or art, let me know so I can look it over and add it!

This is a fairly easy community in terms of content. Everything from the lightest G to the hardest NC-17 is welcome here. All kinks and concerns are welcome. Gen, het, slash, and moresomes are welcome. Original content is welcome in addition to Heroes fanfiction.

To keep things all consistent, let's use this header below and keep the rest under an LJ cut or fake LJ cut. There are plenty of tags, arranged by character, genre, rating, kink, pairing, and some others. Please do make use of them! If there isn't one for you, please let me know and I'll make it for you.

Fandom: Heroes [Put Original if non-fanfic]
Word Count:
Inspiration: [Insert link to a specific thing that inspired you, if possible.]
Disclaimer: Heroes is owned by Tim Kring, NBC, et al.
Author's Notes:

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